There are two options available for fuel oil deliveries:

Automatic Delivery:

​We deliver to you automatically, there is no need to call to schedule a day or time. Deliveries are setup according to degree days which is based upon weather and previous usage. With this option you must be willing to fill your oil tank every delivery.

Will Call:

​You choose when we deliver. Simply call our office when you are ready for fuel. We recommend calling when your tank is between 3/8 and 1/4.  We require 24 hours notice and therefore calling at this level will allow time for unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather etc. With this option it is not necessary to fill your tank-a hundred gallon minimum is the only requirement. *Please note-during summer months when there is not a high demand for oil deliveries, our schedule decreases. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice for fuel orders.

Discounts are available on fuel oil deliveries. We offer 20 cents off our price per gallon if the delivery is paid within 10 days. This applies to both automatic and will call customers. Payments must be received by our office no later than TEN days from the date of the delivery. Our drivers will leave a copy of your delivery slip at your residence immediately after delivering (unless otherwise requested). For your convenience we accept credit card payments over the phone as well as checks, money orders and debit cards. 

     Diesel Deliveries

We deliver both clear and dyed ultra low sulfur diesel fuels.  Our services include generator fueling, fleet fueling, off road equipment fueling and bulk deliveries to storage tanks. We also offer fuel truck rental with operator for emergency power outages as well as sales and installations of above ground tanks complete with all necessary hardware, pumps, automatic nozzles, meters and hoses.

Our drivers are fully licensed and certified. They exceed all state mandated requirements. We at Keohan Fuels highly train our drivers to be as safe and professional as possible. We value your business and work hard to meet your fueling needs.

Automatic delivery is available. Please contact us for pricing and details.

We deliver both fuel oil and diesel fuel year round. Delivery frequency subject to change with seasons.

Keohan Fuels is a member of the Masssachusetts Oil Heat Council

            Oil Deliveries