Our customer online portal is now available. View and pay bills, order fuel online and more!  
Once you have setup an account with us, you can sign up for the new portal by visiting keohanfuels.deliverypay.com  Access to this portal is is only available to active Keohan Fuels customers. You can not access this portal until you have setup an account. ** 

​We highly recommend signing up for portal access to make payments online. There have been numerous delays in receiving payments sent thru the mail. This is unfortunately out of our hands. To ensure we not only receive your payment but also receive it in time to take the discount, please consider signing up for portal access. 

We average your oil usage over several years to determine a monthly rate to be paid once a month for either 10 or 12 months. Plans start anytime between June-August and end in either May, June or July depending on your start date. These rates are flexible and can be changed at anytime. Monthly payments are due within the first few weeks of the month. We kindly ask that you do not send payments the last week of the month as we may not receive it or be able to process it until the following month. Since plans are based on previous usage, we will need some history to determine a rate.  If you are interested in a plan and do not have at least 2-3 years history of usage we can still determine a rate. Please contact our office for more details. 

Please note-it is very common for customers to inquire about budget plans once the heating season has begun. Plans still can be made; however, rates will be higher to allow for less time. 

​**Once you sign up, our office needs to approve your access request. Please allow 24 hours during business days for the approval. If you request access on a weekend, we will review it the next business day. 

All deliveries must be paid within 30 days.  The discount option does NOT apply when paying after 10 days of the delivery date. 

Budget Plans*

Payment Within 30 Days 

Credit Cards

Payment Methods

Payment Upon Delivery

Payment Options

Payment Within 10 Days


​We also accept personal checks, money orders and cash. When paying my check or money order, simply mail it in within 10 days of the delivery and the discount option can apply here as well. When sending in payments, please ensure name, address and account number can be found on the check or money order. The 10 day discount also applies when paying by cash. 

​​For your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards. You can pay by phone or in person or online. The discount option does apply here if you are paying within the 10 days. We can also charge your oil deliveries automatically the next business day after your delivery. You automatically receive the discount with this payment option. Budget payments can be processed on your credit card by phone, online or automatically as well.

This is required of all new customers for the first delivery only. You will automatically get our prompt payment discount for this delivery. It is also an option for future deliveries. Simply inform the office you wish to pay upon delivery and we can make arrangements for the driver to collect upon delivering.

Checks, Money Orders and Cash

Immediately after your delivery our driver will leave a copy of the delivery ticket at your address (i.e. mailbox or mail slot). The discount amount can be found on this slip. You can subtract this amount off your total if you are paying within 10 days of your delivery date. Our discount rate is 20 cents off our daily price per gallon. This means for every 100 gallons ordered you get $20 off!